Liza Penn & the Hotel Ever After Books

Who doesn't love a love story? Liza Penn is a romantic at heart, but she likes her happily ever after to have a sexy twist. The Hotel Ever After books are modern romances that take place in the town of Fairhaven and are centered on the people who visit and work in one hotel. They are also each loosely based on a fairy tale, to show readers that there is still a little magic in the world.

About the Author

Romantic at Heart

Liza Penn is the pseudonym of an author living with her family in the piedmont of the Carolinas. She writes the Hotel Ever After books for fun and values her privacy.

The Hotel Ever After Books

An ongoing series releasing monthly

Each novella is about 75-100 pages long--the perfect length for an afternoon tryst! The first novella, "Bette & the Beast," will be available soon and shows how Hotel Ever After came to be. It's loosely based on the fairy tale of "Beauty and the Beast"

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