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You should have gotten an email with links to Liza's free book, but just in case you didn't, here they are again:

Kindle Tech Help

If you are using a Kindle device: You can either transfer the .mobi file via the cable connected to your computer, or email the file to your device using the Kindle email assigned to you. For more help, click here.

If you are using the Kindle app on your computer or phone: First, download the app. Then either open the .mobi file with the app or email it to your Kindle email address. For more help, click here.

ePub Tech Help

ePub files are compatible with nearly any ereader that's not a Kindle, including the BN Nook and the Kobo reading devices. To open the book file on your ereader, just follow the instructions that came with your device. If you need further help for a Nook, click here. If you need further help for a Kobo device, click here.

PDF Help

PDF files can be read by most smart phones and computers. You should be able to click and read the file automatically, but if not, you can download a PDF reader here.